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Andrade-Backed Measure to Outlaw Cyberbullying Takes Effect

Dec 31, 2014

CHICAGO –Efforts to create a safer learning environment for students will take effect this week under a new law passed by state Rep. Jaime Andrade, D-Chicago.

“With technology so easy to access and use today, children have become the victims of online bullying not only inside, but outside of the classroom,” said Andrade. “As legislators, we need to make sure we update and create laws that will deter bullying in any form as it can detrimentally affect a student’s education.”

House Bill 4207 expands on previous bullying legislation by clarifying and extending grounds on which bullying can occur. Cyberbullying is defined as bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication. It includes the creation of a false webpage designed to impersonate another person which posts or messages in a bullying behavior. Prior legislation punished bullying behavior during school, on school grounds, during a school activity, or through a school function. With this new legislation, bullying includes cyber-bullying that take places off of school grounds that results in interfering with the student’s abilities and mannerisms at school. The bill will also require school districts’ bullying policies to include an investigation process using web-filtering software for complaints that may be in their district.

“I hope this bill will help parents, school faculty and social workers protect victims from bullying and discipline those who choose to engage in this type of harassment,” said Andrade. “The educational process for our youth should be a safe and comfortable atmosphere, and we should continue to deter any negative behavior to strengthen and secure our school systems.”

If you believe that you or someone you know is being cyberbullied, please call 1-888-414-7678 or e-mail to contact an Internet Safety Specialist. To share thoughts on new or existing legislation, constituents can call Andrade’s full-time constituent service office at 773-267-2880 or e-mail