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Andrade Volunteers with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Dec 19, 2014

CHICAGO –To help combat homelessness in the Latino community, State Rep. Jaime Andrade, D-Chicago, volunteered with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless earlier this week, doing outreach work at a local neighborhood school.

“The homelessness rates in Latino neighborhoods are low, not because there are fewer homeless families than in other communities, but because there is a lack of communication and awareness of services available,” said Andrade. “It’s so important to continue an open dialogue with community members to ensure that families in need are getting all the help they can.”

Alongside the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Andrade spent an afternoon at Grover Cleveland Elementary School, located at 3121 West Byron Street in Chicago, talking with parents about programs available to help students with housing instability get assistance and school fees waived in their time of need.

“Too often we hear the word homeless and think of people living on the street, but even families that are staying temporarily at a relative’s house, or are in a transitional period can qualify for help with school costs,” said Andrade. “School can be expensive, and every little bit helps. I enjoyed opening a conversation with parents in the community and I look forward to continuing to work on this important issue.”

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