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Andrade and PEAP Clean Up in East Albany Park

Sep 12, 2019

CHICAGO – As part of his effort to promote clean neighborhoods, state Rep. Jaime Andrade, D-Chicago, joined the People of East Albany Park Block Club (PEAP) this weekend for a community clean up event.

“It takes hard work to keep a community clean and looking nice, so I want to thank PEAP for doing their part for the neighborhood,” Andrade said. “I’m glad my staff and I could come out and help them today.

Residents came out to help the cleanup effort near the intersection of Wilson Ave. and Whipple St. in Albany Park on Saturday. In addition to participating in the event, Andrade leads and supports numerous other initiatives focused on keeping the neighborhoods he represents clean through his full-time constituent service office, including successfully advocating for pigeon abatement funding on the Irving Park Blue Line.

“I’ve been fighting to clean up our community and keep our space well-maintained, but it takes more than just one person to do that,” said Andrade. “These community-led efforts are amazing at bringing people together to make a difference.”