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Andrade Introduces Resolution Condemning Trump's Pick of Extremist White Supremacist Advisor

Dec 5, 2016

CHICAGO – In an effort to show solidarity with marginalized communities including women, people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and the disabled, state Rep. Jaime Andrade, D-Chicago, has introduced legislation condemning President-elect Donald Trump’s pick of Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist.

“An individual that has pushed a strong white-nationalistic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and misogynistic agenda and used racial divisiveness for his own personal advancement has no place working in American government, much less in leadership within the White House,” Andrade said. “I am calling on President-elect Trump to rescind the appointment of this sinister individual, and focus on uniting our country and serving as Commander in Chief for all Americans.”

Before joining Trump’s campaign as a top advisor, Bannon served as the editor-in-chief of the “alt-right” publication Breitbart News. During Bannon’s tenure heading Breitbart he propagated the hateful, white-nationalistic rhetoric that has come to define the “alt-right.”

Some of the incendiary headlines that were approved under Bannon’s leadership include: “Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer”, “Hoist it high and proud: The Confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage”, “Gay rights have made us dumber, its time to get back in the closet”, and “Bill Kristol: Republican spoiler, renegade Jew.”

Andrade introduced House Resolution 1524 to make a formal call for the dismissal of Mr. Bannon in favor of an appointee that values diverse communities and will work collaboratively.

“We need to stand together against hate-speech, because condemning racism is not a partisan issue,” Andrade said. “I am hopeful that my Republican colleagues and Gov. Rauner will show their solidarity with marginalized groups in our state and publicly demand President-elect Trump rescind the appointment of Mr. Bannon.”

For more information please contact Andrade’s full-time constituent service office at 773-267-2880 or